Solar Power
1MW solar panels installed on the roof of the UniMAP Main Campus, Pauh Putra.

Since 2013, UniMAPHSB has been aggressively embarking on potential business utilizing solar as renewable energy. The effort became fruitful with the materialization of 1MW Solar Project installed on the roof of UniMAP Faculty in Main Campus Pauh in 2015 with a local private company as project delivery partner.

This project indicated a huge potential for Perlis to be fully utilized under similar projects as the state's high irradiance value promises great solar energy generation. With the delivery of the 1MW project, UniMAPHSB and UniMAP has expanded our wings to explore greater opportunities with involvements in big scale solar generation projects in the future through quota bidding with the Energy Commision.

  1. Training and consultancy in solar energy
  2. Solar system maintenance
  3. Solar professional installation partner
  4. Solar system testing
  5. Performance monitoring for solar installation
Solar Power

1MW rooftop and 5MW ground installation solar powerplants under the Feed-In-Tariff scheme, supplying electrical power back to the national grid.
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