Technology convergence in producing Harumanis to fulfill growing market demands.

With UniMAP as the technology developer and UniMAPHSB as the project management consultant, our Harumanis Agrotechnology project establishes technology transfer between the university, the industry and the community in order to overcome natural and industrial challenges with one specific goal in mind: to produce the highly seasonal Harumanis mango all year round while maitaining top quality.

This project trains modern farmers to work inclusively with technology providers. The plants are bred in greenhouses equipped with IoT sensors and wireless systems for management and monitoring. Plantation and agriculture companies looking to diversify their investment portfolio should look at this as one of the most viable opportunities to do so.

  1. World's most eaten fruit
  2. Harumanis price increased by 10 times over the past decade
  3. Health and lifestyle campaigns for youths and students
  4. Greenhouse farming evades the shortcomings of seasonal harvest
  5. New tech-savvy industry players now capable of producing harumanis sustainably
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